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Embracing Solitude for a Healthier, Fuller Life

Welcome to Solitude Lab, a pioneering space led by the visionary Dr. Thuy-vy T Nguyen. At the intersection of psychology and self-discovery, we delve into the captivating realm of solitude – a realm that both intrigues and intimidates us. Driven by an insatiable curiosity, we unravel the mysteries of spending time alone, uncovering its profound impact on our emotions, stress levels, and connection with ourselves.

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Dr. Thuy-vy T Nguyen, PhD

Distinguished and pioneering, Dr. Thuy-vy T Nguyen stands at the forefront of solitude research. With a robust academic background, she holds the position of Associate Professor at Durham University and serves as a Wolfson Research Institute for Health and Well-being fellow. As the principal investigator of the Solitude Lab, she spearheads groundbreaking investigations into the intricate dynamics of solitary experiences.

Credentials and Achievements

Dr. Thuy-vy T Nguyen boasts an impressive array of credentials and accomplishments that underline her expertise and contributions:

  • Doctorate in Social Psychology

  • Master's Degree in Positive Psychology

  • Recipient of the distinguished 2020 Solomon Asch Best Paper Award for Early Career Researchers

  • Engaging Tedx Speaker, sharing insights that resonate

  • Victorious "Three-Minute Thesis" Winner, showcasing her ability to distill complex concepts succinctly

These accolades speak volumes about Dr. Nguyen's dedication to excellence and her significant impact in the fields of psychology and academia.

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