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Email format

It would be immensely helpful for me if you can use the structure below as guideline when you email me. I suggest this structure because large blocks of text are difficult to read; often they can cause me [the reader] to miss key information that you hope to communicate.

I want to get back to you in reasonable time and respond efficiently to what you ask of me.

To make that easier for both of us, the structure below might help.

Dear [title if available] full name,

Paragraph 1: Introduction about yourself. Include any relevant association that would connect you to the reader; that means, why are you relevant to them?


Paragraph 2: Purpose of your email. Bold any requests. Ideally, any request should be phrase as bolded, direct question so the reader knows exactly what is asked of them.


Paragraph 3: Any additional information the reader need to know. For example, is there a deadline by which you need them to respond? 

[Your preferred end of email], 

[Your name]



1. Keep email around 100 words, more or less. If the email must be longer, consider whether it might be better to schedule a brief meeting or attach a document of information that the reader can save to process later. 

2. Use bullet point and bold font to highlight key information that you need reader to pay attention to.

3. Keep each paragraph within 3-4 sentences; please make sure not to use run-on sentence.

4. For readability, you can go to this website to read about recommendations on how to improve accessibility of your email

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