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Solitude used to mean sad singledom. Now it’s become a status symbol

by Francesca Specter at The Independent UK
Dive into the shifting perceptions of solitude as Francesca Specter challenges the notion of isolation, transforming it from a negative stigma to a symbol of status.

Was bedingt, wie wir Alleinsein empfinden?

by Lennart Pyritz at Deutschlandfunk
Lennart Pyritz delves into the intricate factors that shape our perception of solitude. Explore the cultural and psychological nuances that influence how we experience being alone.

How solitude can help regulate your mood

by Colin Dwyer at NPR Life Kit
Explore the science behind solitude's impact on mood regulation as Colin Dwyer unravels the intricate link between spending time alone and emotional well-being.

Here's how 15 minutes of device-free solitude can affect your emotions

by A. Pawlowski at
Explore the immediate impact of brief device-free solitude on our emotional state, as examined by A. Pawlowski. Discover how solitude's effects can resonate within a mere 15 minutes.

Embracing Solitude

produced by Matthew Alvarez at MPR News with Angela Davis
Experience an insightful exploration of solitude in this production by Matthew Alvarez, featuring Angela Davis. Delve into the complexities of spending time alone and its significance in our lives.

Time alone (chosen or not) can be a chance to hit the reset button

by Thuy-vy Nguyen at Aeon Magazine
Dr. Thuy-vy T Nguyen offers a profound perspective on the transformative potential of time spent alone. Discover how moments of solitude can serve as a reset button for our emotions and well-being.

The deactivation effect: What 15 minutes device-free solitude does to your emotions

by Christian Jarrett at BPS Research Digest
Christian Jarrett delves into the intriguing concept of the "deactivation effect," shedding light on how just 15 minutes of device-free solitude can influence our emotional landscape.

La littérature, source d'empathie et de cohésion sociale

by Massimo Salgaro and Adrian van der Weel at Le Point
Massimo Salgaro and Adrian van der Weel delve into the world of literature as a source of empathy and social cohesion, exploring the role of solitude in literary experiences.

A love letter to Solo Travel

by Jen Rose Smith at Virtuoso
Journey through the intimate experiences of solo travel with Jen Rose Smith. Unearth the profound connection between exploring the world alone and discovering oneself.

Why you should find time to be alone with yourself

by Micaela Marini Higgs at the New York Times
Micaela Marini Higgs provides a compelling argument for the value of carving out moments for solitary reflection. Learn how embracing solitude can lead to a deeper connection with oneself.

Why we all should be spending more time alone

by Shelby Lorman at Business Insider UK
Shelby Lorman advocates for the benefits of solitude in a hyper-connected world. Discover the compelling reasons why allocating time for solitude is an essential practice.

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