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Book Release

 "Solitude: Power and Science of Being Alone"

Coming April 2024

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What is it about?

This book has taken us two years! I teamed up with Netta Weinstein, a internationally recognised motivation and well-being researcher, and Heather Hansen, a veteran science writer and book author. We take a look at how society views solitude and try to shake up those ideas. We want to show that spending time alone is not just for outlaws, monks, or geniuses; it's for everyone. Our goal? To help you reclaim and understand your own moments of solitude

Why did I want to write this book?

I've been lucky to hear stories from people with all sorts of lives. Some folks are perfectly content with being alone, while others might hate it. Some never really thought about it until I asked. In this book, you'll see that everyone's idea of alone time is different. Our perceptions of solitude have also transformed through the years. It's like a puzzle that changes depending on who you talk to, where they come from, and what's happening in the world.

Personally I am not here to convince you that solitude is good. I am part of this project because I'm curious what solitude does to our body and mind, and I think you'll be too. There's a lot we don't know about being alone, and I hope this book sparks your interest in discovering more.

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